South Sudan

  • 2 days ago

FROM: Amnesty International, DEC/07/2018, SSN; South Sudan has carried out more executions this year than it has done in any year since gaining independence in 2011, with a child among seven people known to have been executed so far in 2018, Amnesty International revealed today. Amnesty International fears for the lives of another 135 people […]

  • 3 days ago

DEC/06/2018, SSN; The Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) has lodged the first case against the government of South Sudan led by President Salva Kiir for sexual violence against 30 South Sudanese women and girls by members of the South Sudan army, currently known as the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) and formerly the Sudan People’s […]

  • 6 days ago

By: Duop Chak Wuol, South Sudan, DEC/04/2018, SSN; Known for operating with a vicious precision, his trademark is ruthlessness, and how he maneuvers his political rivals is irrefutably effective. Salva Kiir, the man in question, is a formidable tyrant with a bag full of cruel leadership practices. The Khartoum’s peace agreement is one of those […]